Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holiday Amazement

We went from a baby, to a boy in two years of a blink. After celebrating our son's two year birthday, we then headed off on vacation during the Thanksgiving break. Upon our return, it was all about getting ready for the Christmas holiday season. We really were not sure if our son was really going to get it this year. But, to our amazement he did...he connected Santa Claus to the tree and presents. He also connected the baby Jesus and his birthday. As we woke up Christmas morning, it was truly a magical moment. Of course, the best gift in his mind was a huge dump truck, all else didn't matter.
A few observations to share as we made it through the holiday craze:
* Involve your child - we actually involved him in every phase of the season from picking the tree, to decorating, to wrapping presents and setting up the manger. Each step of the way, we kept reinforcing what Christmas was about.
* Focus on one item - this is a tough one, but we found that when focusing on one gift or item at a time, while allowing time for each to be enjoyed, it seemed to have a bigger impact. During the following days of Christmas, we are making time to enjoy one item at a time to fully feel the excitement of each.
* Capture the moment - of course this is completely obvious, but important. We have gotten into a regular habit of showing recent video to our son to revisit the recent memories...he seems to get as much thrill viewing his birthday and Christmas morning as he did during each day.
Live Appley!